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Agents of Compass Podcast

Sep 9, 2019

Rob has a true passion for architecture and extensive knowledge of the real estate inventory in Los Angeles. He offers unparalleled professional representation and solid negotiation and transaction skills, backed up by strong relationships with the area's top agents. Rob's exceptional skills have not gone unnoticed....

Aug 26, 2019

Paul and Marquette Reddam, a husband and wife team of Austin, Texas that first caught my eye through one of their music videos on YouTube.

Chatting about transitioning from managing their own brokerage to now Compass while maintaining a consistent brand through it all. Along with the multitude of content ideas they come...

Aug 12, 2019

Lifelong Angelino Danny Brown joins me on the podcast as we discuss life before real estate for him which consisted of being a high-level collegiate athlete and managing musical artists.

Danny now produces his own podcast which has been an idea for over several years but more recently an idea turned reality. 

Jul 29, 2019

Martin Eiden comes to us from New York City with over 20 years of experience in real estate. We focus on on the importance of staging as he shares tips that all agents can incorporate into their business, why Martin feels the press really helps in a time dominated by social media. Martin also is part of the Sports...

Jul 15, 2019

Inna Rubinchik provides her insight as a leasing director and how her sole business and come comes from working with leasing clients.